ionosphere [/aɪˈɒn.əˌsfɪər/]

the part of the earth's atmosphere in which ionization of atmospheric gases affects the propagation of radio waves, which extends from about 30 miles (50 kilometers) to the exosphere

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Call for Submissions

ionosphere Literary Journal

Our literary journal, ionosphere, focuses on the relationship between science, technology, and the human experience. We are seeking poetry submissions that explore how science and technology affect our lives, the lived experiences of people of diverse backgrounds and identities, speculative futures, and the natural and built environment in fresh and innovative ways.

We welcome submissions in a variety of styles and forms, from traditional to experimental, and are encouraging submissions from writers of all backgrounds. If you have work that fits these themes, we encourage you to submit it for consideration. This inaugural issue will showcase unique and imaginative perspectives, and we hope to include a range of voices.

Whether through poetry or prose, this volume will offer thought-provoking and insightful explorations of the themes that shape our world. We look forward to reading your submissions and potentially featuring your work in this exciting new literary journal.

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Submissions are currently OPEN for issue 2.

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