Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Publication with Amplicon Press Ltd:

  1. If Amplicon Press Ltd agrees to publish the submitted work in its online journal (NAME), the author will retain the copyright to their work.

  2. By submitting the flash story to Amplicon Press Ltd, the author grants the company the right to publish the work online in (NAME).

  3. Amplicon Press Ltd may publish the work in a print and digital anthology up to five (5) years after the initial publication.

  4. The author must acknowledge Amplicon Press Ltd as the first venue of publication of their work in all subsequent publications, whether in print or online.

  5. The author will not publish their accepted work elsewhere for a period of one (1) month following the online release in (NAME), with the exception of personal websites and personal social media accounts.

  6. In case of future publication in print, Amplicon Press Ltd will not pay the author for their contribution to the respective print or digital anthology volume of (NAME), but each author will receive a personal digital copy of the volume of (NAME) in which the work is featured.

  7. Amplicon Press Ltd reserves the right to edit the story for grammatical errors, clarity, and overall consistency with the style of (NAME).

  8. The author grants Amplicon Press Ltd the right to use the submitted work, in part or in full, for promotional purposes related to (NAME), including but not limited to social media posts, advertisements, and press releases. Amplicon Press Ltd agrees to credit the author in any such promotional materials. If the author does not wish for their work to be used in promotional materials, they must notify Amplicon Press Ltd in writing at the time of submission.

  9. The author agrees to indemnify Amplicon Press Ltd against any claims or damages arising from the publication of their work in (NAME), either online or as an anthology in print or digital form.

  10. Amplicon Press Ltd reserves the right to cancel the publication of the journal (NAME) or the inclusion of the work in any future editions of (NAME) for any reason.

  11. By submitting the poem to Amplicon Press Ltd, the author agrees to these terms and conditions in full.